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Many years ago, I dreamed of creating a performing arts organization to give back to communities through the ARTS. I dreamed of it being available to the young and old. I envisioned what it would be like to sit in an audience and watch families perform together, creating a bond like no other.

Some might say, “Not everyone is a performer”, well Those who are not interested in performing with their child/children can easily participate by lending a hand to the production in other ways. Either way, the family circle will be reconnected through each performance.

Now that I have gone from being pregnant with the vision to giving birth to it. I am beyond excited about what we can achieve by pouring love into one another. A sense of family and togetherness is the key to this organization and any other organization’s success, and I am optimistically looking forward to it. Our growth will allow us the opportunity to be a blessing to others. A portion of the proceeds generated from each production will be donated to a great cause in the community, teaching our students that giving is far better than receiving.

I have always had a love for performances both on and off stage. It is my desire to share what I have learned over the years with families near and far, and with The 3in1 Experience Inc., I WILL. Here, we are determined to reconnect families one performance at a time!